Christmas #2 - At Home!

This was our first year to celebrate Christmas at home with our kids.  Well, except for the year we had the blizzard, but we were totally unprepared for that one!  This year was so much fun!  I was a little lazy to make cookies for Santa so we left him cake that I had made earlier in the week.  I cut a circle piece out for Piper to frost and decorate!  She really enjoyed that plus she loved sneaking a bites of sprinkles too!

We did leave the reindeer some carrots to munch on as well as they waited for the Big Guy to finish up in our house!
Michael read "The Night Before Christmas" to Piper and she was so excited to go to bed so that she could see what Santa brought her the next morning!
Christmas morning was fun!  I woke up at 8 am!!  Yay, to sleeping in!!!  I was so shocked the kids were not up yet.  So, I went to listen in on them and Briggs was still asleep but Piper was awake in her room listening to music.  Crazy girl thought she couldn't get up!!!  So, we got her and Briggs up and the craziness began!
There were a lot of 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs'!

Piper received these fake glasses in her stocking and wore them to a restaurant the other night!  Ha!  We got a few looks!!  Michael kept asking her 'What is the square root of 9?"  

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