Piper's First Ballet Performance!

Piper danced in her very first ballet performance this month!  The teacher said it was NOT a recital!  But, it kind of was a mini recital if you ask me!  Each class danced to one song and then all the girls joined together and danced at the very end.  It was followed by a Christmas party for the families.  Piper's cousins and Aunt Sheryl and her Grammy and Papa John came.  It was fun to see her get so excited about it (even though she didn't quite understand what was going on) and have fun.  
Each girl was asked to dress in Christmas attire!  My pictures were not great, but Piper is the far one on the right.  She did great!
Her class danced to the song, "I wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas..."
Me and my girl.  I was proud of her!
Briggs was getting sleepy towards the end!
Piper and Olivia
Anna, Olivia, and Aunt Sheryl
Papa John, Daddy, and Seth
Briggs, Mommy, and Grammy
Briggs got to play on the table and color!
Loving on Papa.
Piper before the performance.  She was so excited to get going!  She did wear her ballet flats and not those socks and shoes.  I felt the need to share that!  Her next performance, which will be a recital, is scheduled for June 1 or 2...I cannot remember!

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