We went to visit Santa for the first time ever this month!   I thought this would be a good year to try it out!  She seems to be less afraid of costumed things and people lately, but it just depends on where and when it is! Plus, I decided that this was a more intimate experience and we'd go with our cousins so it would help her be less afraid. In October I found out that a local cookie shop holds an annual "Cookies and Milk with Santa" event so I knew that would be perfect for her!  No mall Santa for us!  
Getting ready to leave our house to see St. Nick!
I made their shirts, by the way!
We met Aunt Sheryl, Olivia, and Anna at the cookie shop!  Everyone was excited!  Sheryl made their shirts also!
Piper & Anna waiting to see the big guy!
Olivia was up first.  I thought that if Piper watched someone else there would be less of a chance to be scared!
She was a little nervous.  She picked at her lip and she twirled her hair...two of her nervous twitches!
But, she loved talking to him!  It was if he was not a stranger to her!  She proudly, without hesitation, told him she wanted a new umbrella and purses!  She had thought about it long and hard and decided that's what she wanted weeks before this visit!
Santa hugs...
and, really I'm done!  Ha!  This cracks me up!
This picture cracks me up too!  Briggs didn't think the jolly old guy was too much fun!  Ha!
Anna was last.
It was fun and I think Piper decided wanted to continue talking to him but other kids were waiting!
After visiting with Santa, they got to sit down and enjoy their cookies and milk!
Briggs hung out with Daddy most of the time.
Santa really tried hard to win Briggs' favor!  In this picture, Briggs was grabbing for his bells.  Next year, if you live in the OKC area or want to experience the fun of Santa without waiting in line, remember to visit One Smart Cookie.  It was on the second week of December and tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance.  It's located at 122nd and Rockwell!  We will be doing this again!

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