Daddy's Home!

Michael had to be in Pennsylvania for work for two weeks this month and we really missed having him home!  We kept ourselves busy and tried Skyping so the kids could see him but there is no substitute for good ol' Daddy-O!  (He did get to come home the weekend in between!)  Piper really wanted to have an ice cream party for him when he got home so on Saturday we all went to the Science Museum followed by a visit to the ice cream shop!  
Look how big Briggs looks in this picture!  Please ignore the horrible red eye!

She absolutely loved this device.  It spun around.  She loved it so much she didn't want to share with other visitors and cried when I made her get off!  I painted her face at the face painting station!

 Piper is a total Daddy's girl!
A funny side note:  While Michael was in Pennsylvania, he met a guy that was from Woodward and Michael told him I was from Fargo. (They are neighboring towns.  We went to church and shopped in Woodward for those of you who don't know the area!)  The guy didn't know me but knew my friend Mendy and my friend Chandra.  Then he came back later and asked Michael if his kids names were Piper & Briggs!  And, said, "My wife kind of stalks your wife's blog!" Long story, short...I don't know her husband, but his wife and I have mutual friends and I think we worked together one summer or one Christmas break.  I always knew who she was growing up even though we didn't run in the same circle!  Ha, small world!  Hi Jill!  I know you are not a stalker!

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