Christmas Activities!

We have been busy this month!  I tried putting together an Advent Calendar of activities but was not so good about staying on top of that!  Shocking!  We still were able to do many fun activities at home and around the community!  I didn't take pictures of everything we did but here is a sampling!  
We went to see Anna sing with her school choir at the mall one day and we got to eat lunch with her!
I made a wall felt tree and ornaments for a new activity to play with. Briggs loved it the most!  I've found lots of fun new activities on Pinterest!  It's addicting!
Our cousins were over for a few hours and I had run out of graham crackers so we made saltine cracker houses!  And, I read on a blog the night before to hot glue your crackers together to make it quicker and easier!  I will not be scared of gingerbread houses ever again! We also decorated a big gingerbread house at Lilly's and Piper loved it!
With the help and persistence of Chandra, I painted my front door black!  It was tan before!
We went to see Lilly perform in the Nutcracker ballet in Weatherford!  She was a little mouse and a gingerbread cookie.  Piper really had fun but the King Rat character and all the mice that fought the toy soldiers confused and scared her.  I've answered many questions about 'the mice.'
We started back on learning our letters again.  I decided to start at the beginning.  Her Piper is 'decorating' something for the letter D!
And, here she is making a Christmas wreath!

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