Christmas Playdate

We had a little Christmas party play date at our house last week. Three of my college friends and their kids came over for crafts, playing, and lunch.  Poor Briggs was the only boy...again!  Ha!
Renna, Reagan, & Piper coloring some Christmas pictures
I'm sorry, but he is so handsome.  Look at those cheeks!!  They are perfect little balls!!
Piper & Renna.  I love Piper's big smile!  These two may be a year apart but get them together and you have double trouble!  They are mischievous!
 All the kids!  All our guests were two year old girls!
Piper & mommy making an ornament craft.  We made two ornaments.  One was a salt dough hand print ornament which turned out to be a flop!!  The second was a miniature Rudolph ornament made with their thumbprint.  They were cute and I got the idea from Pinterest!
The lineup...Renna, Reagan, Piper, Briggs, Molly, and Natalie.  Molly gave us all matching 'I love Mommy' shirts and Briggs got a new striped shirt.  Notice the 3 year old is crying while the 2 year olds are sitting there with smiles!  And, she doesn't have her pants on! Ahhhh, independence...

Thanks to Mendy for taking all these pictures!  Also, I do realize every post recently on my blog has Piper and Briggs in the same Christmas outfit!  Ha!  They did wear other things during the month of December!!

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