Piper & Briggs

Here's a few details on these two sweeties!  The most common comment I get from strangers are "How old is she?  Three?  She is a tall three year old!  And, smart!"  "How old is he?  (Laughter after my answer) He's going to be your little football player!"  Funny!
Briggs loves the bath!  We've never had a fear issue with him!
Her face is so funny!  She was trying to ignore me but couldn't stop herself from somewhat posing!
Briggs LOVES books!  He can just sit and look through the pages and he gurgles and gabs his entire way through the book as if he is reading!  It is so fun to listen to him 'read.'  This is what entertains him most on car rides!
Piper LOVES dressing up and dancing!  And you might even be able to add a third 'd' to that list...DRAMA!
Sweetness!  Briggs weighs 27 lbs currently.  He is a little lover and quite a talker!  Briggs is always vocal and noisy!  He is starting to get a little whiny at times, wanting me to hold him more now.  It's so hard carrying him around and actually accomplishing anything because he is so heavy!  He is saying 'nigh-nigh' before bed each night.  Last night he said, "Nigh-nigh dada" to Michael.  So cute!  He can also say 'mama', 'dada', 'Pipuh' or sis-sis for Sissy sometimes, 'Duguh' is thank-you, and he can say 'hi'.  I haven't been as good about teaching him sign language.  He knows 'more' and 'all-down' but doesn't use them much. I sure don't keep track of it as much as I did for Piper at this age!
This is Piper dancing!  She has been so sweet, lovey, and mannerly this past week.  I can see her maturing so much.  She continues to puzzle us and to make us laugh a lot!  She weighs 32 pounds.  We went to her last ENT appointment this month and her tubes are both out and her hearing is great and there was no sign of fluid or infection so she does not need tubes again!  Yay!!!  She has been asking to invite friends over a lot and we just don't have any her age to call up and say, "hey can you come over today!"  It makes me sad but I know this is just a season and friends will come soon.  She is in a stage where she still needs naps but maybe not everyday.  She loves doing 'activities' (crafts)!
This is Piper being dramatic!  Haha!  She was at the table and whining about something and so Michael started making these faces at her and she stopped!  He's so good about deferring the behavior and I'm so bad about getting worked up about the behavior!
This is Briggs making his cheesy face!

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