Thanksgiving 2011

Briggs with his cheesy grin! He knows how to make a person laugh and will do it over and over to get a reaction!
We went to Clinton for Thanksgiving this year. It was a little different for us this year. Michael only had the day of Thanksgiving off and since we live so close now, we just drove in for the day and drove back home. We have never not spent the night on a holiday.

Briggs was not fond of the delicious meal! He's been a weird eater lately, especially not wanting to eat meat!??! He still maintains his football player figure though!!

My sister and I loaded up our six kids and went to visit my parents for one night the week of Thanksgiving. This is Briggs after he fell asleep with his pretzel!! My parents and my brother came to my sister's house the Saturday following Thanksgiving to celebrate together.

And, shortly after celebrating Thanksgiving I started getting out all the Christmas decor. Look who is having a hard time with 'no touch!' He's done really well with all the Christmas decorations surprisingly!

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