My crazy sister decided to run the full 26.2 OKC Memorial Marathon this year.  We, obviously, wanted to go support her because this is a BIG DEAL!  
 It started drizzling rain when we stopped at the 20 mile mark to cheer her on.  It wasn't too bad though.  After the 20 mile mark, we then moved to the 23 mile mark.  At that point, I started jogging alongside her for less than a mile!  Her friend and my niece ran with her to the finish line from 23 miles on!  Our family drove ahead and met her at the finish line.  It was crazy there!  So many people!  The atmosphere was full of energy and excitement.  I had tears in my eyes watching some of the runners.  There was a guy in a wheelchair, a man with two prosthetic legs, a soldier wearing his full gear, and all the other people running for all their different reasons!  It was very neat to see everyone out there especially considering this is one way for individuals to remember April 19th and what that day means to Oklahoma.

Family photo.  Briggs looks happy.  Look at Sheryl.  She ran 26.2 miles and is smiling big and looks like she may have makeup on!  Look at Paige.  She finished 3 miles and looks fresh.  Look at me.  I ran 1/2 mile or so and look like a drowned rat!  Ha!
Sheryl did great!  She finished in 4  hours, 6 minutes!  Awesome!  And, what is even better is she acted like it was no big deal!  Sheesh...she is truly wonder woman!

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