Crazy Hair

Piper has theme days in ballet occasionally.  This week the theme was crazy hair and this was the quickest thing I could come up with!  Michael's dad said it looked like it looked like Michael had fixed her hair!  Ha!  Speaking of...I guess while I was away on my girls trip, Piper convinced Michael that I put gel in her hair!  (She is starting to lie pretty convincingly.)  The gel bottle states, "Super spiked hair" or something along those lines.  Wording that would not be associated with Piper's hair anyway!  So, before church he brushed her hair and was putting a bow on the side and said, "Does Mommy use hairspray in your hair?"  "No."  "Does she put gel in your hair?"  "Yes!"  He said he put it on the sides to slick it back a little!  Sure wish I had a picture!  Ha!!!  On another note, I think Piper's eyes look so much like my mom's in this picture.  Especially when Mom was a little girl!

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