Some other randomness...

 Briggs laying on the floor...once again, he is glued to the television!  This boy loves him so cartoons.  I've been finding him like this on the couch, floor, chair, wherever he can lie when the tv is on!  Good thing, we do not have cable!  Piper was never like this!  Ha!
 Piper had her third eye exam since she was 6 months.  This is her discussing the eye drop situation with one of the employees.  She had to get them dilated!  If you remember (which I'm sure you do not), Piper had an eye that turned inward around 6 months of age.  We did a year follow up and it had gotten better but I was advised to return when she was about to begin school.  My plan was to do this in August but at her 4 month well check, her doctor noticed it was turning inward again.  So, I scheduled the exam a little early, with my friend from college who is an optometrist.  Basically, she is borderline for glasses and we need to wait 6 months to a year to see how they look once she begins reading.  The odds are really in her favor, it sounds like...not!  Piper was bummed not to get glasses that day!
And, drum roll please....Piper received her first 'professional' hair cut this week at Snip-its!  A highly overpriced kids entertainment hair salon!  She got a quick trim after Briggs received a hair cut.  They threw glitter in her hair and she was so happy!


Kari said...

Are you using the blog scheduler??? You've had a lot of posts lately!

Shelly said...

Yes! I have thanks to you!!