MDO Celebration

 Our beautiful 4 year old!  Piper had her 4 month well check.  She received 4 shots and was quite dramatic but brave at the same time! She weighed 34 pounds and 41 inches tall!  This was her first time to go to the doctor since we lived in Ardmore.  This has been the healthiest year of her life.  (And the most unhealthy year for her brother.  Hmmm...)
Mother's Day Out is officially over!  And, at this school they have a special end of the year celebration.  To be honest, I could have done without since this isn't 'real' school and all but I get why it is important to some!  Since Piper only went on Thursdays, she missed the Monday music class in which they learned the song for the program but you couldn't tell!  When you get a group of little ones on a stage they all seem to forget any and everything!  Ha!  I asked Piper, that evening, if she enjoyed singing with her class on the stage and her reply was, "No, the teachers didn't even teach me the song!!"  Hahaha!  I about died laughing!  She didn't understand, but she was excited to be there!  I did not get any pictures of her on stage because my camera died and Michael was corralling the run-away, Briggs!  This has not been our best MDO year.  We started in January and she never seemed to just LOVE it.  The last couple of months she would say every single week that she was not going.  Looking back, I think I should have pulled her out but I thought it was important to teach her we do not quit halfway.  Ummmm, I am pretty sure she didn't pick up on that lesson!  I really don't know what it was she did not like, except nap time.  She did complain about that every week but each week she seemed to have a great day when I picked her up.  Michael thinks she was a little on the older side for her class so she wasn't being challenged.  I don't know!  Oh well, you live and learn!  I learned!
 These two pictures are from her very last day.  They had a celebration that day.  Above his a classmate and below are her two teachers, Ms. Diane and Ms. Kara.  Both were very sweet and I think Ms. Diane knew how to keep Piper in line!

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