Girls Trip 2012

Lindsey, me, Kat, and Chandra-dinner on Saturday night!

This year we stayed at The Canebrake in eastern Oklahoma.  It was a secluded little spa resort!  So relaxing and quaint!  I highly recommend!  We had our own little cabin that you have to walk or ride a golf cart to.  The food was delicious, the spa amazing, and the outdoor views gorgeous!  This was my favorite girls trip yet!  It was so relaxing!  We took part in a yoga class and I couldn't quit giggling especially if Kat said anything to me and when the teacher banged a gong and said "Namaste!"  They were serious Yogi's!  My favorite quote of the trip was made by Chandra, "Girls, this isn't Motel 6!"  Ha!  No, it wasn't.  So much nicer!  Also, on this trip we shared one of our "favorite things."  Yes, very Oprah-ish!  So, we set a price and purchased 3 of everything to give...Lindsey gave us her favorite candle.  It smells delicious!  Kat gave us beautiful coffee mugs.  Chandra gave us her favorite nude lip liner, lip gloss, nutella, and a sample of her favorite facial cream.  I gave my favorite Tyler Candle Company laundry detergent in the Diva scent and a small tube of Aquaphor.  It was fun and I think we have a new tradition started perhaps!  Thanks to our husbands for holding down the fort.  Michael kept Piper and Briggs for the entire weekend without help for the first time ever.  He survived and did a great job!

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