Party Time!!

For Piper's birthday party, she invited two friends, Lilly & Katie, to get their nails painted and to go to the cupcake shop!  It was perfect!  I think we'll be doing something like this each year instead of a big party!  Before the actual "party" Lilly and her sisters came to our house early and we all went to song time at the library.  The next four pictures are blurry.  They are from our time at home and at the library.
 Piper and Lilly
 Lilly and Piper
 Piper holding Evelyn
 Now...Party Time!  We borrowed my sister's van so I could get all their car seats to fit. At one point, I overheard, "Noooo, this is my Aunt Sheryl's minivan.  I LOVE it!  Our car is old, old, old.  I love this car! I love this car! I love this car!"  Just for the record, we are trying to teach her how to appreciate everything she has even her OLD car!  Ha!
 Katie and Piper waiting to get their nails painted

 The girls were so quiet at first, but halfway through they started talking, then giggling, then asking questions, and on and on until they were their normal crazy selves!
 This is such a Piper face!
 All done!
 Cupcake time!
 Sweet girls!

 I love these pictures!

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