Cousin Time!

 Maggie & Piper  (they look alike!)
 Piper, Jonah, Briggs, &Maggie
We went for a quick trip to Dallas a couple of weekends ago to visit Michael's brother's family.  We had not seen them since Thanksgiving!  Way to long!  Piper was so excited that the first day there she exuded so much excitement, even her eyeballs couldn't sit still!  She was so super excited that her heart rate probably never rested the entire day!  Seriously!  Briggs was a little hesitant at first but he finally jumped right in and was even playful with the big dog, Sweetie.  He kept pointing at Sweetie and making his 'ruff-ruff' noise for doggy. Cute!  Another story about Briggs on this trip...We went on Thursday night.  By the time we got there around 9ish he was running a fever.  His head was so hot.  The night before I had gotten up with him three times but during the day he seemed fine.  A little tired but I attributed that to the restless night.  He slept fine that night at Matt & Amy's but the next morning, his poor eyes were sick looking!  He kept grabbing his ears and saying ow!  So, I thought it was an ear infection.  Amy and I took him to the urgent care clinic and it was not an ear infection.  NO-it was some random (but very common the doctor said) virus!  It was called Herpangina...yes, it sounds dirty!  Basically, it's a virus in the mouth and throat that is a cousin to Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.  Hmmm, shocking that he had this virus!  Of course, he would get this!  You treat it with a mixture of Benadryl and Maalox.  By Saturday when we left to go home, he was a new child!  I'm so thankful that my son gets the weird illnesses that can be taken care of easily!  It could be a lot worse!

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