Summer Vacation Part 2

Another fun activity we had planned was the outdoor rock climbing wall.  Piper has a miniture one in her gymnasium at school that she loves and Briggs even likes it but this wall was very tall for a little person!  She was very hesitant at first but at some point, something clicked in her mind to keep trying until she reached the top and pushed the victory buzzer!  We were so PROUD of her because we knew she was scared but worked hard at overcoming her fear!  Daddy enjoyed it too!  And Briggs gave it a brief try after a long period of hesitation.  I was so happy he tried it!
The climbers!

No he is not asleep.  He is playing in the dirt but in an awkward sleeping position!  This was on our 3rd day.  He was tired and he is a home body.  He kept saying "Let's go back to our cabin house!"  He needed some non-active recharge time more often than we were giving him I think.  At this point,  he really thought rock climbing was super boring!
And this was my usual activity while we were doing "activities" together as a family!  My friend loaned me this carrier and it was super helpful the entire trip.  We would have been stuck in the cabin with a napping baby or been dragging a super cranky baby around if I had not had this!  
He finally decided to harness up!  So proud of him!!!

And he made it about this far!  But he tried which was so great!!  And he actually prefers climbing on real rocks anyway!
Piper made it to the top after trying and trying!  After that she wanted to keep climbing but our time was up and unfortunately all the other time slots for the week were booked!  She was bummed!
She was so proud!
Then that night after a full day, I took them to the recreation center.  At the rec center, they have roller skating, basketball, ping pong, etc.  We went there several times for those things but in the evenings they sometimes had group activites planned.  On this night, we had originally planned to go on a twilight hike but it was raining!  So instead we played Human Hungry Hippos with a bunch of people we did not know.  Briggs thought it was so much fun and Piper wasn't so sure.  It created a lot of laughs and excitement!

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