Recap of our week...

There is another tooth coming in and this little tongue has been out all the time!  Look closely at those cutesy little thigh rolls hiding under her arm!!
Sweet E loves her swing!  I love that the weather was cool enough to enjoy swinging!
This is a bit blurry but Briggs has been making Lego creations every.single.day!  His creativity amazes me!  Yesterday he played Legos for two hours and built a new car and studied through instruction manuals trying to understand it all!  Wow!
Pay no attention to the dirty floors!  Emerson is in the beginning stages of pulling up!  I have caught her standing up after pulling up on our low window sills!  Eek!
She had a 9 month well check this week.  She is busy, busy.  Always wanting to move.  Never just sitting still or wanting me to stand still with her!  She is so much like Piper and not very much like Briggs as a baby!  She weighed 19 lbs (65th percentile) and measured 28 inches (75th percentile).  

These two!  They were testing my mommy skills on this particular day.  One had an attitude and one was grumpy!  They are my bookend girls who can be dramatic, stubborn, and strong willed! Mama is tired! 
But man, I love them fiercely!! 

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