Sniff, sniff...Briggs is in Pre-K two days a week at Graham Cracker Express.  I am getting all emotional inside just thinking about him going to Kindergarten.  I still have a hard time with Piper being in school all day and to think Briggs is going to be doing that too makes me sad!!!   It is definitely bittersweet!  
This little hambone was excited to start back!  He kept asking to go after Piper started.  I think he's going to be a lover of learning!  Lately he has been asking so many questions and coming home telling me new facts!  He's even been trying to count every single thing and add them together!  
He was most excited to be with his best buddy, Asher!  They're in the same class and are inseparable! Except when the teacher has to separate them!  Ha!   When I asked him how his first day was his response was, "I had fun but I don't want to talk about it!"  Buddy was tired!
His new teachers are Mrs. Gillard and Mrs. Keener!  Briggs cannot seem to remember their names just yet!  But he remembered all the new facts he learned about jaguars and cheetahs last week!! Priorities, right?  :)
After he got home on the second day of school, I hugged him and said "I missed you today."  He replied, "Ya, I missed you so much.  But I wike (like) school a wot (lot)!"  Awwww!
And, after two days of school he is writing his name!  I do not know how the teachers accomplished this feat!!  I have tried to work on letters and writing and he has refused!  But, he was so proud to show Piper and I how he could write his name!  We cheered for him and then he said, "Ya, I'm a superhero!"  Haha!  Love it!

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