Summer Vacation! Part 1

Two weeks before school started, we flew to Granby, Colorado and stayed at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch.  This was our first time to this location, but our second time to stay at a YMCA campground like this.  The Snow Mountain Ranch was very similar to the Estes Park location, but was more spread out and offered a few more activities.  The accommodations are not luxurious by any means, but the activities are so great!  We wore ourselves out each day!  It was a great trip that we each enjoyed!  Certain activities the kids were very fearful of and others not so much.  We had a lot of opportunities to be brave whether it was the outdoor climbing wall or horseback riding!  We had a lot of successes and a few "we'll have to try it again next time!"
We had a lot of luggage!
The trip going to Colorado was fantastic!  I love flying with our kids because it is so fun seeing their excitement during the entire process!  Sure, if it involves whining and crying it isn't so fun but all and all their wonder and amazement over something that seems so simple is fun to watch and be a part of!
Emerson slept peacefully under the cover our entire flight!

Piper loves the window seat!
After a long day of flying and driving we made it and took a walk in the sunshine!  The kids didn't make it far because of the altitude!
This little nugget was a great sleeper the entire week.  We wore her out!
Our first day, we scheduled the tubing hill as an activity.  Everyone was excited and ready! Until it came time to actually ride on the tube!  Briggs refused to go and Piper would only go once and she was DONE!  It looked so fun!  I didn't get to participate because Emerson was napping on me.

This location had a craft center as well.  We frequented it several times to paint some new treasures!  It was so peaceful being able to sit outside without the hum of traffic, in the fresh air, and paint!  Lovely!
My initial reaction to this picture was "My hair looks like it was cut crooked!"  Emerson was not a fan of sitting on my back!  She is more of a front snuggler!
We also fished with a fisherman helping us.  Fishing sounds good in theory but with kids, I'm not much of a fan!  They are not patient little people and they could hook you anytime because they are casting their lures out like wild people!  

This was his spot!  Our cabin driveway!  He and Piper played for hours in the dirt.  It was so nice.  I had the windows opened listening to them.  The air was cool.  There was no television!  So perfect!  Briggs did ask several times "Where is the TV?" on the first day and the second day he suggested a few times that we build a TV but by the third day I think he accepted the fact he would not be watching anything for the week!

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