Piper is back to soccer and Briggs is just beginning!  They both began practice this past week and it falls on the same night.  Talk about crazy town when you throw in a couple hours of homework for Piper!  Piper was excited and Briggs started out excited, but is going through this "I'm Hot!" phase so the shin guards, socks and clothing were a little restrictive and caused him to sweat which is what he doesn't like! It will be a fun, interesting season! 
Piper was so sweet to encourage and pump him up for his first practice!!  She was trying to fill him in on the rules and what to do's about soccer!!
Briggs is on the Ninja team and Piper is part of the Prairie Creek Panthers.
Briggs immediately removed his shirt to play!
This is part of the Ninjas.  Coach Wallace is in the background!  Nora & Piper were "helping!"

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