Summer Vacation Part 5

Our last active day we chose to drive to Grand Lake, Colorado and hike to Adams Falls.  It was a short hike but I took plenty of water and snacks this time.  The kids wore their swimsuits and played in the frigid waters!  Afterwards, we went into town and ate lunch.  Grand Lake was a cute little place and the lake was beautiful!

 After visiting Grand Lake, we drove to Granby and rode on the ski lifts at the local ski lodge.  The kids thought this was one of the best activities!  I like riding on ski lifts as well!  Unfortunately, lightning struck within an eight mile radius so after our second ride up the hill, we had to be driven back down the mountain in a shuttle bus.  Kids think riding in buses is an adventure too so that was good!

 After that we drove all the way to the summit of the moutain by our cabin.  This was the signage that we made it to the summit!  It was chilly!

Emerson kept throwing her head back.  She thinks it is funny!

 After we returned from the moutain, the girls went to the playground for a little bit.  Emerson was happy to be crawling around!
 That evening we concluded the fun by listening to a mountain man tell tall tales.  He looked pretty legit!  The kids were a little bored.  Michael enjoyed the history.  Emerson enjoyed being loud!

After that we headed back to our cabin and packed up our stuff to prepare for an early morning departure!  In the night, I heard something and got up to check it out.  It was a mouse in the kids' bedroom trash can.  Michael had to dispose of it!  Then around one or two in the morning, I woke up to the sound of tires driving on the gravel.  I decided to get up and get a drink.  When I looked out our open window, I noticed all the lights of a cabin behind us were flashing on and off, on and off.  It was spooky and weird.  Then I looked out the window again and thought I saw someone right outside our bedroom!  So I started screaming hysterically!  I woke up Emerson and obviously Michael!  He checked things out and we shut the windows.  So sad because the cool night air was awesome!  When things calmed down, we decided I must have seen my reflection on the pane of glass. I don't know! To this day, there is a little doubt in my mind that it was just my reflection.  Needless to say, the last night was a little rocky and we didn't sleep much!  It took me almost two hours to get Emerson's back to sleep.  And I barely slept the rest of the night after that. The next morning, Michael asked Piper if she heard something and she said, "Ya, I heard mommy screaming.  Why were you screaming?  Did you see your shadow or something?"  Haha!  It is all comical now.  Thank goodness! All in all, we had a fabulous trip.  Some other fun things we did were attending a s'mores roast, indoor swimming, playing our own version of sharades with the kids each night, exploring, and talking to some Oklahomans who also were OSU fans!  On our way back to the airport to fly home, we stopped at Denver Biscuit Company, which the kids and I found on our last trip in October.  The cinnamon rolls were calling my name! Yummy!  
Thankful for my family and our special time together!

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