11 Months

This little guy is almost One and I'm not ready for that! Briggs is what many might call, a dream baby! Sure, we've had a few rough moments...illnesses, teething, restless nights-but, his overall attitude and joy more than makes up for that hard stuff! He is a go-with-the-flow kind of kid and I really like that! I took him to the doctor 2 weeks ago because I thought he might have an ear infection--nope! But, I did find out he weighs 25 lbs! Big kid! That is why we are moving him on up to the forward facing big boy car seat you see above. He seemed pretty excited about it too! Sister was even more excited because she is the one who is actually getting a new seat--a high back booster seat and she thinks she is B-I-G!! Briggs is eating well which I'm sure you could have guessed that. He isn't a fan of mashed potatoes and doesn't really enjoy having the same thing over and over. For example, he will not eat baked chicken for 3 meals in a row even if I change everything else up on his plate. He had kind of a scary choking spell last month so I'm still cutting everything smaller than I probably need to but it does not hurt anything to do that. He's pulling up and just barely will 'walk' while we hold both of his hands. He squeals quite loudly especially if he is excited and sees his daddy! He can say mama, but only in times of extreme distress and he says dada or didi or dahhhdi all for 'daddy' and the only other thing we can make out so far is 'hiiiiiii' which is very airy and 'hidah' which we think must be 'hi' or some other form of baby greeting in his world! He babbles a lot and he moves his tongue side to side really fast while making noise and thinks it is so funny! He has not had a hair cut yet but it's time for the back of his hair to be trimmed b/c he's growing a groovy looking rat-tail mullet thing! Briggs sleeps from about 7:30/8-7/7:30 most mornings and is about to be on whole milk! This little baby is turning into a little toddler too fast!

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