Splishy Splashy

Photos taken in July, August, and SeptemberThe kids are in love with the water! Briggs loves bath time and crawls all around and pulls up on the sides now. You have to keep a close eye on him! He also loves drinking the bath water and the pool water. Yuck!
Piper is a fearless fish. After swim lessons in July, she just has improved at swimming every week. She will go under the water, open her eyes, hold her breath, and swim around. I'm so proud of her! She is reserved enough not to do anything crazy like go into the deep end, but brave enough to push herself! It's a perfect balance I believe!

The past few months we have had fun swimming in Aunt Sheryl's pool and at the apartment pool!! It has made this hot summer more bearable!

Daddy is the 'fun one' in the pool. Mama is the one who wants to work on her tan and relax!

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