Our Summer in Review

This summer has been crazy, fun, busy, emotional, and full of great friends and family! We moved in July into a fully furnished apartment in Yukon after Michael started a new job with Mathena, Inc in El Reno. We are going to be moving once again at the end of September to Edmond in the Deer Creek School district where we found a house! Let the craziness continue! The apartment life is not for me! We are cramped up and I really don't know how people in London or New York City, etc. live in such small spaces with small children! Piper and Briggs are sharing a room and it hasn't been horrible but I would rather them be in their own room. Piper loves sharing a room though and I think she may have a hard time with being separated once we move again. Briggs adores her!
We have gotten to play with Lilly and Sophia a few times this summer since we live closer! We have also gotten to play with other friends here in the Metro and taken advantage of the zoo and so many other cool things a bigger city offers! That has been nice. Piper is already a mall rat! ha! And, we have seen all 3 sets of grandparents at some point this summer!

Yukon had free concerts in the park and the one cooler night this summer we went and it was so much fun! Their city park is wonderful and of course our little dancers loved listening and dancing to the music!
Our Ardmore friends, Carsyn and Connor came for a couple of visits this summer. We had a fun time with them. It was good for Piper to enjoy that familiarity!
Sophia really loves Briggs! Ha!

Piper drew on herself and it made her look like she had whiskers! Look at that sweet face!...and her tan!
And, I couldn't resist this sour face!
We are doing well despite all the adjusting! We've tried out some churches but haven't gotten connected since we'll just be moving again. I think once we move into our house and start getting involved Piper is going to do so much better. She hasn't done bad but it's been tough for her to have so much change and busyness all at once! Briggs doesn't have a clue anything is different! I did enroll Piper in a ballet class so that has been something she looks forward to every week. I'll post a picture of her soon! We love being so much closer to my sister and we see her and the kids often! Michael is loving his new job and the environment!

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