First OSU Football Game!

Last Thursday our entire family of four had the opportunity to attend an OSU football game. This was Briggs' first football game! He had fun but grew tired of sitting on my lap and not being able to get down and crawl around plus it was way past his bedtime! Piper had a ball! She found a little 3 year old friend to play with the entire time. Piper is starved for friends right now as we are in transition so it is not abnormal to hear her say, "Will you play with me?" about 20 times in one hour to any kid that will look at her! She is a sweet girl who is going to be a loyal friend!
Side Note--See those cute Converse Briggs is chewing on! I purchased those at a consignment sale. They are a size 5 (which is huge) because I had his foot measured at Payless last month and they told me he was a size 5. Ummm, the size 5's are HUGE! I still made him wear them!

She walked and hopped up and down those stairs most of the night!

We did not have to pay for parking since Michael parked in the boonies, so he negotiated with a bicycle trolley guy and he took us back to our car for a good price. It would have been worth paying $20 to see Piper get as excited as she did! She loved it!

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