First braid!

Pictures taken August 9, 2011
I finally was able to braid a little strand of hair for Piper. She loved it and talks about getting braids in her hair almost daily! It was fun to get to braid it and enjoy her excitement in it! She wants long hair now (much to my dislike!). She is in love with her friend Lilly's long hair and how she gets to have braided! I think it is going to take F.o.r.e.v.e.r to grow Piper's hair out because it is so fine and she is twirling it to death lately and has started pulling it out when it gets knotted up soooo, we have a lot of short hair on one side and long hair on the other side. Poor girl looks like she took some scissors to her scalp but she hasn't! Bad habits take forever to die! If you have suggestions on hair twirling send my way!

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