Playground Fun

We are enjoying this weather lately! There is a great playground set just outside our apartment building that the kids love to play in. Michael took these fun pictures of the kids with his phone tonight. Piper has amazed me this summer! She has really come a long way since the beginning of the summer in so many areas. She loves the water now, she'll pet a few animals, and she'll swing high on a big girl swing and go down all kinds of slides! Those are huge steps for her and I'm so glad she has found joy in these fun activities! Tonight, we could tell Briggs is going to be totally opposite and without fear! Hmmmm, that worries me a bit! He was willing to leap off the slide without a second thought. Michael had to catch him!! Our new house has a neighborhood playground area similar to this and it is very close to our house! I know we will be enjoying it!

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