Our Little Ballerina

Piper and Koria
Piper with her ballet instructor and other dancers
Posing at home...(she's making a silly face!)
The dancers with their class assistant.
Piper is our little ballerina! She loves taking ballet class and has been doing so for a couple of months now. Of course, the day they take pictures in class would be the day she and I battled over which leotard she was going to wear and she won the battle to wear the long sleeve leotard in which the sleeves are too short on her arms! ha! Oh well! I still haven't found any tights for her to wear that are not saggy on her legs! She's given up on me finding any. At first she kept asking when am I getting tights and she hasn't asked in a while! I'm lacking in this ballet mom thing! It has been so foreign to me. I never took any kind of dance growing up! Piper's teacher has probably had a few laughs over the questions I asked in the beginning! ha! She really wants to grow her hair long so we have been working on that. She'll have a bun for ballet soon! The other day Briggs pulled her hair (which is a problem we have with him!) and through her tears she dramatically says, "Stop it Briggs. I want my hair to be long!" She is very passionate about the long hair!! Piper looks forward to class each week and does not think it lasts long enough! But, she does not want to tell us what she does during class or show us what she has learned! The moms have to sit outside in the hall during class and can look through the glass but it is a little distracting to the girls so I try not to look in there too often. They are practicing a dance to the Christmas song, "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas..." in order to prepare for a 'showing' they will have at Christmas time. I don't know if 'showing' is the correct word, but I was told it was not a recital! Ha--like I mentioned earlier, I have no idea about the dance world and I'm still learning!! I'm so glad she has the opportunity to enjoy this!

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