Zoo Friends

We went to the zoo last week with our friends Renna and Reagan. Their mom, Mendy, and I were roommates and friends in college...and friends in high school too but didn't know each other really well then. Anyway, we all are aware of Piper's fear of animals. But she had a HUGE breakthrough at the zoo this week!! She wanted to pet a goat and she did! She even fed the goat! Not only that, but she asked to go back and do it again and believe me, I let her! We had a fun time! This was our second time to go w/Mendy and the girls. The weather has been beautiful both times! We need to get us a zoo pass...great idea for Briggs for his birthday if anyone is wondering. Ha! Briggs didn't really care about touching the goats. See the one finger he's touching them with. Mendy had to force him to use his entire hand and he did not smile about it! I really do not blame him. Goats are gross! ha!
Piper loves the monkeys/gorillas. They are all monkeys to her! She wants to hold the baby and doesn't quite understand why we cannot! See, I'm telling you she is beginning to open up about the animals. But, she still doesn't really want to be around dogs!
At first, she was really cautious about being in with the goats. She was even telling Renna and Reagan not to do touch this and touch that until she warmed up to it all.
The OKC zoo is so nice and has improved so much over the years. You can go to a seal show, an elephant show, play on various playgrounds, see the animals, feed the giraffes, and there is a petting zoo (where the goats are) of farm animals. When I went to this zoo in college and as a kid the big animals, like the elephants, were always chained up. Now, they have a great place to roam and the animals are not as caged up. It's soooo much nicer!

And, we are still biting our nails...Any suggestions???
The girls had so much fun on the frog statues!
Reagan was loving on Briggs. Cute!

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