Mexico 2011

For about a year now, we have been talking about taking a 30/40 trip. A trip to celebrate my 30th birthday and my sister's 40th birthday. So we've been hounding our husbands about it and they act like they don't have time or money to do that so we just kind of drop it. And, when we think it's not going to happen, these little stinkers surprise us with a trip to Cabo! It just happened to fall on the week of my sister's 40th birthday which was perfect and I guess they've been planning this for some time! Now, a little back story on this entire adventure...When they sat us down, to surprise us-they make us think we are going to Amarillo, TX for a weekend at the Best Western Spa. Pretty sure Best Western and spa don't go together and we, as in Sheryl and I, were about to freak out. The silent kind of freaking out. I thought Sheryl was going to break down and bawl at the thought of going to Amarillo. I was just dying thinking about having to stay at the Best Western! Ha! No, I'm not a hotel snob, but I do have some cleanliness standards and the last time I was around a Best Western, my standards were not met!! Anyway, the little pranksters only led us to believe that little lie for about 5 minutes before revealing the truth! Whew!It was very relaxing which was exactly what I needed!

We went to this swanky restaurant on Sheryl's actual birthday. It overlooked the Sea of Cortez and we could see the famous Cabo Rocks...Los Arcos. This was our one and only venture away from the resort. We took it real easy while we were there!
Below, is the view from dinner every night at our resort.
We didn't really play in the ocean. The tides were a bit dangerous and it was pretty rocky. The pool view was perfect for me!
It wasn't all fun and games though. Trebor and Sheryl got a little sick. Michael had something but it didn't stop him. It hit me after we got home. Poor Trebor; poor, poor Trebor. He had it bad! But, he was a good sport despite all the jokes that were made!
The night before her birthday we went to the hotel's 'upscale' restaurant. It was not that impressive but they did give her a birthday dessert. Notice they spelled her name 'Sherry', not 'Sheryl'! ha!

Los Arcos

This was the sunset by the swanky restaurant on her birthday. Beautiful!

This was our resort...the Westin, not Best Western!
See the crab!
I have no idea where the 40/50 trip will be but for our 50/60 trip we are going to Barcelona because the Sagrada Familia should be completed that year and I've been claiming that since I was 25!
I am so thankful to our husbands for surprising us! I thoroughly enjoyed it and relaxed. I even read 4 books!!! 4!! I don't get 4 read in one year usually! I did miss our kids. It was our first time to be out of the country as a mom and dad and my first time away from Briggs more than 2 nights. I knew they were in good hands though at Grammy's! She was pooped after it was all said and done though! 2 kids is a lot of work! Thank you Grammy and Papa John!!!! Piper was so thrilled to see me. She told me she loved me about 100 times over the course of 2 days and shortly after she saw me she said, 'Mommy, I love you. I love you Mommy. I forgot that I loved you!" haha! So cute. Briggs wasn't so sure what was going on but he's glad to have me back. I can tell he is very leery of me leaving again b/c when we have been around my sister or new people this week, he hasn't strayed away from me too far and he keeps a close watch on me the entire time to make sure I don't slip out! Today, at church he bawled and bawled when I left him. It was so sad b/c he never does that!

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