What a great day!

We got to see some special friends in Ardmore today! Piper and Claire were reunited once again and I think you can tell by the looks on their faces they had a pretty good time together!Claire's sister, Cate, enjoyed having us there too!
We also got to see our friend, Katie, briefly. Piper even saw Katie's brother and sister. She's in love with Katie's older brother! I'm sure I'll be hearing a lot of pretending the next few days and one of our pretend friends for the day will be Garrett! ha!
We also were able to see several other friends at the park to play! I visited with some of my friends as well! There was an entire list of people I wanted to see but time flies and you can't see everybody! I felt so at home being in Ardmore! Piper was on cloud 9 the entire day and Briggs just went with the flow! We'll have to visit again and stay the night!
The main purpose of going to Ardmore was to give Oscar to his new permanent family! A sweet friend from college offered to take Oscar in temporarily after I pleaded for him to go live with someone else while we were in the apartment. She and her family took great care of him! We are so appreciative! While he was staying there, a family from Ardmore decided they wanted him and we felt it was best for Oscar to go live there! He gets to live on a farm and run free with 2 other dogs. There are 7 kids to play with these dogs! It's 3 separate families that live on this farm and one of them is a vet! I received an email from the mother tonight and she said Oscar wore himself out in the barn and went straight to his crate and crashed! The children seemed so excited to get another dog. I'm excited for him to live there. I think he'll love it!!
Now, the next item on the agenda...packing up this apartment and moving into our new house!!!

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