Trying to entertain baby sister with Mother Goose stories.
Dr. Briggs playing checkup!  What else are babies for??  Briggs has been a great big brother!  He does not like poop or slobber and runs away when he thinks it is going to get on him!  But he does love Emerson.  He usually says these same phrases "Ohhhhh, she's so cute!"  "Can I pet her?" (rub her head) "I love my baby sister." It's definitely been sweet to watch him with her!
 The other day we were playing in Briggs' room.  He wanted me to build some Lego dinosaurs.  His two favorite things!  While I was building the dino's, he was getting his baby sister all set up.  He let her use his baby turtle pillow pet for her head and his pajamas for her as a blanket, then he went and got himself a blanket and laid down on his big turtle pillow pet.  And as always, yellow bear was right by his side! And, sister must have been cozy because she fell asleep shortly after!

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