Piper Lost Her First Tooth!

After weeks of being wiggly, Piper finally agreed to let her Daddy pull her first tooth!  To say it was dramatic, is an understatement!  Most things with this sweet girl are dramatic!  But that is what makes Piper, Piper!  
 After dinner, Michael said to Piper, "Hey wanna go get frozen yogurt?" And she obviously said "Yes!" So Michael replied, "Then let me pull your tooth!"  After a lot of no's and screaming she reluctantly said, "Okay, just do it.  Just do it fast!"  (as she was crying!)  So Michael pulled it and the screaming was loud and the crying was hard.  And the screaming was loud! But it was out of there! Did I mention the screaming was loud?  Haha!  BUT...she was so excited once the shock of it all passed!  And we were so proud of her bravery!  We jumped up and down and praised her for letting Michael pull the tooth!  And even though it was 7 pm and bedtime was calling her name, Michael took her out to get frozen yogurt to celebrate!  That's a pretty sweet Daddy!
And she was pretty thrilled about it all!
The tooth fairy set her out on a Treasure Hunt to retrieve her prize this morning!  That was a fun adventure for everyone!  And she received $5!  But, I've heard she's not that generous with subsequent teeth!  

Piper has a second tooth loose right next to the one she lost.  I wonder how losing it will transpire...

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Karen Perry said...

I love the idea of the Tooth Fairy setting the little ones out on a treasure hunt. I bet Piper was super excited to go on that adventure too. Just make sure that she keeps on brushing and flossing those pearly whites regularly. Thanks for sharing that, Shelly! All the best to your lovely family! :)

>Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Care