This month Piper has gotten to do some fun girly things!  She was rewarded with a manicure after not biting her nails for two weeks!  We invited Maggie to come along with us!  And a couple of weeks later, Grandma invited her to Sweet & Sassy!  She had her nails painted (which are getting longer!!), her hair done, and some makeup applied even!  She loved it!
And I wanted to showcase this fun little drawing!  "Goril" (girl) and "Booy" (boy)!  This year Piper has really begun to read and write.  She does a great job spelling words phonetically such as above!  I love it!  Piper's teacher, Mrs. Wilkerson, emailed me this week that Piper tested 5 levels higher in her reading from the beginning of the year!  And she is only one level below where a first grader is supposed to be at the end of the year!  We were excited!  Piper has been working hard (and so has mom & dad) to get to this point, so that was fun news to receive!
And she's a pretty great sister!  I'm praying these two are best friends!

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