Hospital Stay

 We had a few visitors while in the hospital, including Grandpa & Grandma (Somehow I didn't get a picture with Grandma)!  Grandpa & Grandma have been able to meet each of our children on their very first day of life!  I think that is pretty special!
 Emerson's first bath in the hospital.  At Baylor, where I delivered, they don't bathe the baby right away.  They want mom and baby to experience skin to skin contact for a longer period than at the other hospitals I have delivered at and they wait much longer to bathe the baby because it's good for their skin to maintain the vernix longer.  Because of the busyness of the day, Emerson wasn't able to have her bath until 10 pm that night.  And our nurse that evening (who helped bathe her as well) was my absolute favorite nurse I've ever had!

 Michael was pretty proud of his new daughter!  And so very helpful!

 Grammy & Papa John had returned from a vacation the night before Emerson was born.  They had planned this months before we even knew Emerson would be induced!  So they were able to visit us in the hospital and meet Emerson as well!
Thankfully, we only had to stay one night in the hospital.  It was nice and quiet but I just wanted to be home even if it meant taking care of my crazy big kids!!  Here we are on our way out the door!
She was loaded up in the car, ready to go home!  Everything seemed to go by so fast in the hospital this time.  I remember, with Briggs, time drug on at the hospital, but it flew by with Emerson.

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