The rest of Christmas...

The day after Christmas we drove to Oklahoma for a quick visit.  We stayed at my sister's one night and then drove to my parents the next day.  Michael, Emerson, and I only stayed for a few hours at my parents and returned home that same day but Piper and Briggs stayed in Oklahoma with my sister for a few days. They had so much fun!  This was the first time everyone in my family was able to meet Emerson, except for Sheryl and Anna since they had visited us already.
 Olivia & Emerson.  She LOVED holding Emerson!
 Paige & Emerson.  Paige was my little baby helper when Piper was born six years ago!!
 Seth & Emerson.  He was the most impressive teenage baby holder I've ever seen!
 Uncle Trebor & Emerson.  Trebor loves babies!
 Papa Roger & Emerson.
 Grandma Judy & Emerson
 Briggs opening his rocket ship.  I love the little "O" his mouth and making.  You can tell he's gasping with excitement!
 I love the top and bottom pics here because those are real "I'm so happy" smiles!

 Paige & Sheryl
 Shelly & Sheryl.  My hair needs some help!!
Nall-Levy grandkids

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