Week 1

The first week of Emerson's life was spent loving on her and figuring out how this three kid thing works!  I'm still trying to figure that out!! Piper was in school still before Christmas break and Michael took time off from work which was great!  We had several visitors and thankfully friends and family began bringing us meals!   
 Piper could not be a prouder big sis and poor Emerson can't seem to get her face shown in a picture!
 Aunt Amy and cousin Maggie came over to snuggle with the baby!
 Daddy got a lot of holding time!
 Briggs enjoyed loving on his baby!
 Another cousin, Anna, along with Aunt Sheryl, came for the first weekend we were home.
 Aunt Sheryl and Anna were a huge help!  Sheryl cooked for us and cleaned my entire house plus entertained the big kids and managed to snuggle with Emerson and spend time with me!  I have a pretty perfect sister!

 Emerson's first bath at home.  Piper loved helping me!  Emerson didn't cry until she got out of the tub but she looked miserable the entire time.  When I gave Piper her first bath at home, both my mom and sister had to help me, she screamed the entire time, and I felt crazy stressed!  This time it was nothing.  So much less stress with your third!

 Emerson looks like me as a baby in the two photos below, but every other picture she looks like Daddy!

 Love, love this photo of my two girls!
 And I had great intentions of making this photo into a Christmas card!  Lofty goals I have!

 Glitter watched over Emerson one night!  The kids thought that was pretty cool!
 The first week, Emerson would not sleep in her bed without being snug in her blanket, her little pink hat on and propped up in the boppy!  Signs of stubbornness maybe??
 She was born with dark, dark hair and a rat tail! Piper and Briggs did not have this much hair, nor was it this dark!

 These two loved posing like this without me asking!  Ha!
 He loves talking to the baby!
 One Week Old!

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