Week 2

Week 2 was sweet, busy, exhausting, and fun!  

 Christmas break started so mama pulled out a few activites.  Nothing super-momish by any means!
 We decorated our annual hot glued, graham cracker houses!

 And we painted ornaments!  A few for us, a few for friends, and a few for our sweet elderly neighbor next door!  Piper's idea!
 Girls sharing a moment in Piper's bed!
 Lots of snuggle time and sleeping!

 Our first time to church with Emerson!  So far it has only happened once and I was very organized to make it happen!  Whew!
 Matching Christmas jammies for these two!
 LOVE this photo!
 LOVE these kids!

 Briggs was sick for weeks with a cough that would not go away.  We finally began breathing treatments and that is what stopped the cough!  Praise the Lord!

 We decorated Christmas cookies a few days before Christmas Eve!  Santa got some yummy treats full of sprinkles!
 The day before Christmas break began Piper's class enjoyed a fun Winter party!  Fortunately, Michael was able to watch Briggs and Emerson so I could attend!
 The kids had the opportunity of using their imaginations over break!  A lot!  And one such time was Piper pretending to be Mary!  And, that's baby Jesus in the manager!

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