One Month

Emerson at One Month!
I cannot believe Emerson is a month old already!  We are figuring out this sweet baby's little personality!  She mostly has a serious look about her but cracks a smile every now and then!  Big sis and big bro love it when they get her to smile or even coo, which she is doing already.  It seems way to early for that!  She is great during the day eating and sleeping.  But between the hours of 7 pm-12 am she has a hard time settling down and cries a lot, and very loudly!  Probably the loudest of all three kids!  She isn't crying or awake that entire 5 hours but at some point during this time frame it begins and lasts for what seems like forever when mama is tired!    I do think she is dealing with a bit of colic/gas issues.  Once I do get her to bed, she sleeps 5-7 hours straight. That has been going on for about a week now!  Emerson is sleeping in her crib in the same room as Piper.  It has mostly gone well but on the few rough nights, Piper gladly moves to the guest room to sleep!  Piper loves that Emerson is in her room but is struggling with the fact Emerson doesn't go to bed when she does and usually is not in there when she wakes up so it doesn't 'feel' like Emerson is sleeping in the room with her. Briggs loves Emerson.  He says, "I love my baby sister. She is so cute."  And asks to pet her or kiss her!  Sweet.  The other day, I did catch him lifting her off of the ground when I briefly left the room! Yikes!  Emerson now weighs 10 lbs, 11.5 oz and is 22.5 inches long!  She loves her milk and is definitely chunking up with the chubby rolls to prove it!!  We love her so much and are so thankful that God has allowed her to join our family!!

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