Emerson Grace Levy

Since baby girl did not want to make her debut we induced on December 10, 2014!  (Which happened to me my due date when my mom was pregnant with me 32 years before!) We had to be at the hospital by 7:30 that morning.  Of course, I barely slept and had plenty of time to get ready.  I texted my sister the picture of me with the caption that stated something along the lines of "Must have good hair when delivering a baby."  Or something like that...  
 My last picture being pregnant...Ever Again!  41 weeks
I was all hooked up to Pitocin at this point and requested the epidural right away.  With the other two births, I waited until I could really feel the contractions but this time I thought I'd go ahead and suffer the least amount that I could!  Really it was a good thing I did because I was dilated to 4.5 when I arrived at 7:30 am and by 10:45 am I was ready to push!  She came much quicker than Piper and Briggs!
 My doctor was hard to get a hold of and they had a resident doctor on standby just in case.  I really was ready to have her but just held really still until Dr. Stevenson arrived thirty or forty minutes later.  With two pushes, Emerson Grace made her debut!  It was an easy delivery for sure!
 Those first moments are always so special and sweet.  But they're also a little awkward because I feel like the nurses are watching you as you bond with your new baby!  Ha!
 I love how extremely puffy my face gets when I am on the drip IV!
 She weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20.5 inches long!  At first I thought she looked like Briggs then as her swelling went down, I thought she looked like Piper more. She definitely had the same nose and lips as the other two!
 Michael and I had a fun morning anticipating her arrival.  At this point we still were not certain of her name!

Normally they'd write the baby's name on the board but we were still trying to decide.  Actually Michael was trying to decide.  I picked three names for him to choose from and he could decide on the middle name!  The choices were Ava, Stella, or Emerson!  Emerson was my favorite from the beginning!  Michael picked the middle name Grace.  I think it's perfect!  

And she's pretty perfect!

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