Christmas 2014

 On Christmas Eve we set out milk and cookies for Santa, told Glitter goodbye and Piper wrote Santa a sweet note.
 We asked the kids not to go into the living room when they woke up but of course, Briggs' feet were heard running down the hall.  Michael and I got out of bed so fast!  Michael caught him just in time from seeing anything!  We waited a bit for Piper to wake up and then we started our Christmas morning!
 Briggs received the orange t-rex.  And since the t-rex was the size of a small cat, he was a little scared of it at first!  I think he even told Michael it looked scary.  But Michael assured him and everything was fine after that and Briggs LOVED his new toy!  And he named this new t-rex "Ash Tray" again.  Lovely.  Sigh!
 Piper received a few Barbies but no microphone.  Maybe when she gets a little older.  Sometimes Santa has a hard time preparing the presents when he finds out two days before you've changed your mind!
 And Santa did not leave out Emerson!
 Daddy was very good to mommy this year.  He filled my stockings with a ton of hershey kisses.  I was a little confused but at the bottom of the stocking was a ring with "chocolate" diamonds!  Pretty clever in his themed gift!
 It's beautiful and unique!  And a little big so I need to get it sized.
 After presents, we played and relaxed.  Glitter took care of breakfast that morning.  He had left snowman donuts for us to enjoy!  How sweet of him!
 In the afternoon, we went to Grandma & Grandpa's house.  Grandma made the most delicious Christmas feast and we opened presents.  My picture taking was lacking on this day!  I didn't get any with cousins or grandparents!

We had a Merry Christmas!

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