Week 4

Week 4 is when real life began I think!  Grammy came to help for a few days and that was awesome! The New Year began.  Michael went back to work.  Piper and Briggs started back to school.  And I began trying to figure out how this gig really works.  I really am not sure how I'm going to cook dinner, grocery shop, work out, shower, look presentable, get three kids ready, feed the baby, etc every.single.day!  But somehow it will happen and a lot of things will have to go out the window for a bit!  This is our last week to receive meals and it has been so helpful!  Just having that has been a HUGE help!  I may begin to just purchase 5 rotisserie chickens each week and several steam-able vegetable bags and call it good on meals!  Ha!  But it is all worth it and it will get easier!

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